Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Home State Stupidity or How You Can Stop Megan Fox

I will make a confession. I actually enjoy living in Illinois.

We have a lot going on here and I have lived all over the state. Our museums are great and not just the ones in Chicago. Our politics are awful, but the people of state are engaged in them and we pay attention.  And then there is the food. I'll stack the culinary choices of Illinois against ANY state in the union.

But we have our own fair share of idiots.

Case in point Megan Fox.  Not the actress, but the home-schooling, anti-science and bully to the Orland Park Library (more on that later).

She gained some internet fame with her "audit" of the Field Museum this past month.
I will let you watch it for yourself.

Personally I am glad this video is out there. It shows just how stupid these creationists are.

But the story does not end there.
No. This idiot has been harassing the Orland Park Public Library to get them to change their Internet censoring policy.

You can read more details from fellow Illinoisan Hemant Metha, aka The Friendly Atheist.

I am including the link to his GoFundMe page for the Library. It is a good cause and a slap in the face of stupid people like Megan Fox.


So please, if you have a little extra cash, please consider this.