Monday, November 6, 2017

Buzzfeed is Stealing Content

Wow. Has it been THIS long since I posted here?  That is wrong.

Anyway. YouTube Atheist and Skeptic +JaclynGlenn has been a fave of mine for years.  Well she has new content over at FullScreen (yet one more reason for me to subscribe) and it looks good.

You have to pay to see it. BUT if you don't want to I guess Buzzfeed has been stealing her content.

You can hear her talk about it here:

I can't stand content thieves. 

I know Jaclyn had her own issues with content borrowing in the past. But she owned up to that, apologized and made amends.   Watch her videos and see the side by side comparisons.  It's not as bad as say Gus Van Sant's Pyscho remake, but close.

There really is not much she can do I guess. I can do even less. But I can show my support and boost the signal a bit more.