Thursday, March 29, 2012

Read the First chapter of Greta Christina's book

I have to admit. She has made some very, very valid points on why atheists should be angry.

While I still rather think of myself as a disgruntled atheist, I have certain have been (and surely will be again) an angry one.

I am still reading the book and of course still looking for the voice for this blog.  Somewhere between the Angry Atheist and the Friendly Atheist to be sure.  Maybe I should open this place up and do talk about the things about religion and the religious that piss me off.


  1. One thing, for me, that I love about reading and discussing things this far here is the freedom to be angry or offended or whatever. Freedom. It's the title. I don't fear any "religious" backlash.

    I feel like I have to be a closeted atheist and a friendly atheist SO much and around so many people. It's nice to know I do t have that chain on me when I post here. For me, I'm ready to loose a little anger on the faithful.

    Oh. And if they make me get a "In God We Trust" plate when I register my vehicle in IN, I'm going to have a high-speed come-apart.

  2. Please feel free to let loose here all you like!
    That is also what this place is for.