Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Not Surprised

So in news out of NC, filed under "Won't be surprised when this guy gets arrested in a public bathroom"...

"NC Pastor Wants To Build Electrified Fence To Contain, Starve And Ultimately Kill Gays: VIDEO"

I was going to say "obviously..." but I realized I couldn't, because I have no common ground with this guy.  I have no idea where he is coming from or what sort of mental defect would make him say what he does or even he really believes this or just want to stir up controversy.

They must know though that they screwed up when their video hit the web.  I went to their website yesterday, http://www.prbcnc.com/ and their "Contact Us" page was gone.  Today their whole site is gone.

Now I know what is the inevitable next response, "but all Christians are not like that!".


Cause here is where I am right now.
- Where are the Christians PUBLICLY taking this guy to task?  Where are they saying in the media that this guy is wrong.
- How am I, an outsider, supposed to know who are the "Real Christians" and which ones are not?  Cause you all sound the same to me.

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