Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Poll

I was going through Wikipedia's Lists of Atheists.

And I was surprised that there were so many names on the list of people I already had respected them or their work.

This got me thinking.  Would your knowledge of someones beliefs change how you appreciate their work?

I don't have the luxury of saying I would avoid the works of all believers.  That would leave me with nothing to watch, read, see or listen too.  I DO avoid the works though of Scientologists simplly because they don't need my money or encouragement.  I do avoid the works of others on more personal reasons too that have nothing to do with belief or lack thereof.

So note the poll on the right.
The question is: Would your enjoyment of something be lessened if you knew the person who had created it was an atheist?

I also have only two possible responses, yes and no.  If you want to get more detailed post it below.

Now obviously this question is directed much more at the theistic members of my audience.  As atheists we don't often get the chance to say yes to material created by theists.  I will post that question at a later date.

Let me know what  you think.


  1. Considering the people likely reading this blog, I would guess everyone will vote "no."

    1. I am alsp passing this address out among nonreaders of my blog too.