Friday, January 18, 2013

Losing Religion

I never had any religion myself to lose.  Like I have mentioned before I always considered myself a nonbeliever so admitting my atheism (at age 10) was really nothing big.

Yet it is always interesting when a very high profile religious person rejects all or some of their belief.

Case in point, Former President Jimmy Carter.
Carter has been well known for his less that stellar Presidential term, his highly successful role in world peace and his deep religious convictions.   Well...scratch one of those.

In brief Carter can no longer justify how religions treat women.
The article itself is an interesting read and fascinating not just what it says, but who is saying it.

 I doubt it will have any impact whatsoever on the people that need to hear it the most. But I am glad he said it.

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  1. Interesting article, thanks for sharing. I don't read it as loosing his faith in a god though, just breaking with his church. At any rate, good on him!

    The Elders sounds like an interesting organization, I'll have to learn more about it. (Though the name is kind of creepy, but I blame my years as a fantasy/sci-fi fan for that!)