Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Explaining Gay Marriage to My Children

I have two boys.  Aged 10 and 13.

I was talking to my 10 year old yesterday about marriage and I told him that my brother was getting married today (yesterday).  I asked him if he ever wanted to get married and he said "of course".  Ok. So they get, at their level, what marriage is.  Cool.

Last might I was mentioning my brother again and said that he got married to his long time boyfriend (and btw it was married, not a domestic partnership).  Their responses where along the lines of "great! are we going to the wedding?" "that's nice. Can I play Minecraft now?"

My kids get it.

Why can't the idiots at the Illinois Family Institute get it too?
Well that is because they are quite literal dumber than a 4th grader.


  1. Change takes a long time to affect. It's unfortunate but true. As sad as it is, it's unlikely that even our children will get rid of bigotry entirely--it'll take several more generations before that happens.

    And homophobia is not just restricted to religion--I've known quite a number of atheist homophobes.

    1. Yeah, it takes time. But it is heartening to see my kids are starting off better than I did. Each generation, a little bit better than the last.