Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Doing A to Z this year

I am actually, just not here.

You can see what I am doing though over at my other blogs: The Other Side and Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword

Over at the Other Side I am doing demons.  Now it might sound odd an atheist and skeptic talking about demons, but really it isn't.  It was my reading about how Christians took the gods of other faiths and turned them into demons, literal and figurative demonizing, that put me on the path that lead me here.

So have a look and I promise to try to sneak in little bits of atheism when I can.


  1. It's actually interesting when people say that Christians demonized gods of other faiths.

    I've seen people do it (and think it rather ridiculous) but I'm commenting here instead of the Other Side for another demon-related reason entirely.

    Sorry! I really wanted to drop by after you took the trouble to visit my blogs. :-)

    1. There are plenty of examples that I'll detail over this month. One really only has to look no further than the gods of the Fertile Crescent. Most were worshiped as gods before Judaism or Christianity ever came along. Baal is a good example.

      It would be true to say that one man's god is another man's demon.

  2. Hey Timothy! I am a new reader/follower. I always said that Satan is a Christian! I'm no expert, but I don't know if any other faith has an all powerful good guy, and an all powerful bad's like a comic book! lol..I will check out your other blogs. It's refreshing to find other non belivers out there!