Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Open Letter to A+

As I have said in the past, I have no issues with Atheism+. Indeed, it sounds like what I have been doing all this time anyway, or at least tried to do it.

There are some in the Atheism+ movement that seem to be doing the same thing that they were supposedly against.  I know...broad stereotypes, but there it is. Out there.

Here is an interesting video about the positives and mostly negatives of the Atheism+ movement.

C0nc0rdance gives us his point of view.

The big issue for me I guess I am not as involved with A+ as a movement as I could be.  I have stayed out of the larger picture of this; something that I used to feel bad about.  Everyone likes to be part of the "cool group" and A+ is the cool group.

Now I think I am happy to stay over here in my little corner of the net and trying to do my own thing.
When I agree with you all, GREAT! When I don't, well that is no big deal really.

I wish A+ the best and I wish the movement success.  I hope they don't fall into the traps mentioned above.

I will still considered what I do to be Atheism+, more or less, or as I have just always called it, Atheism.

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