Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nude Atheists

There is a new nude/nudish calendar of Atheists being put together by Secular Woman and being funded at Indiegogo.

So you pay some money, see some atheists au natural and the money goes for funding conferences and other activities at Secular Woman.

This of course means that some people in the atheism/secualr/skeptic community are not that pleased.

Now Rebecca Watson, aka Skepchick, is many things in this.  She has a great blog, she was the focal point of Elevatorgate* a while back and she also posed nude for a skeptic calendar.  One might think this was hypocrisy on her part.  I say no.

It's not hypocrisy because she is coming at this all from a very different point of view now.

She makes some valid points in her blog post, but I still feel that Secular Woman needs to move ahead with their plans.
Secular Woman is trying to reach out to many types of people here both in terms of audience and in terms who is pictured.  I do feel we can be sexual beings and not be sexualized.

Or if you wish just donate the money and get your naked people elsewhere.

*I don't want to get involved in Elevatorgate at the moment.  I don't know enough about it. I am not likely to go to any atheist conferences. And frankly I don't want to choose sides in this till I know more.  I am however interested in how the same sort of issues effect my hobby and I talk about that on my gaming blog, The Other Side.
In the meantime here are some Elevatorgate links. Chosen because they have overviews of what happened.
Please keep in mind I am still learning all this stuff myself.  I am going to have to come back to this sometime.


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