Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Goodbye Blag Hag

Jen McCreight, AKA Blag Hag, has stopped blogging for the time being.

I respect her choice and her reasons for this choice, even though it means I am loosing something I liked.
I liked her blog, I liked reading it.  This blog exists partially because I was reading hers.

Here is what sucks the most about the whole deal.
It was not the religious right or creationists or god-soaked morons that caused her to stop blogging.

It was other atheists.

Now I don't expect or pretend that atheists are all so similar that when together it is all hugs and parties. We are loosely aligned group of individuals that have other causes.  I think in a way that is what Atheism+ was all about, to unite more of our similarities.

It sucks that so many though had to violate the common decency to harass Jen.

It is too bad she is gone, but I hope this give her a chance to recharge her mental batteries a bit.

Hopefully I can say, in my own limited way, some of the things she would have wanted to say.

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