Thursday, January 17, 2019

Need a safe place for these

Wow. Has it really been this long since I have been here?  That's inexcusable.

But I need a safe place for some links to debunk the site Neon Nettle. So here we go.

Topic: Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer paid some people to break into Pelosi's home.  There is no evidence they were asylum seekers or even undocumented.
So they were not asylum seekers but part of a publicity stunt.

She was banned from Uber and Lyft.

Banned from Twitter for TOS violations.  Posting hate about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Topic: Neon Nettle

We know that it is a Conspiracy theory site full of psuedoscience. It is registered in the UK via TUcows, so the registrar information is blocked in the US (imagine that)

They list their business office in London. 

but their IP servers are in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

Their rating on Snopes is "Mostly False" news with the 20 or so articles I sampled over the the 6 months falling in the "false" or "mostly false" category.  

Politifact ranks them as "Pants on Fire" in terms of truth in reporting

and describes them as Fake News

Described as a fake news sites with demonstrably false articles by Mic

Ranked #38 for number of stories pushed onto Facebook. All described as fake.

News Stories are written by anyone, not actual Journalists. 

Their ad for hire asks for content covering "Politics, GMO's, UFOS, Government corruption, Financial corruption, Mysteries, Entertainment".
They pay roughly $35 per article or about 2 cents per word (point of reference I can get 4 to 5 cents per word on contract writing. I never take a job for less than 3 cents per word).

They were featured as a fake news site in Dale Michelson's 2018 book "Fake News vs Real News: Learning the Essentials".

Featured in an article on fake news on Medium

And on Vice

Cameron University in OK (a former Baptist, now publis, university offering degrees in Library Sciences, HLC accreditated) lists it as fake news lists them in their Misinformation Directory

Meida Matters

Fake News Codex

Monday, November 6, 2017

Buzzfeed is Stealing Content

Wow. Has it been THIS long since I posted here?  That is wrong.

Anyway. YouTube Atheist and Skeptic +JaclynGlenn has been a fave of mine for years.  Well she has new content over at FullScreen (yet one more reason for me to subscribe) and it looks good.

You have to pay to see it. BUT if you don't want to I guess Buzzfeed has been stealing her content.

You can hear her talk about it here:

I can't stand content thieves. 

I know Jaclyn had her own issues with content borrowing in the past. But she owned up to that, apologized and made amends.   Watch her videos and see the side by side comparisons.  It's not as bad as say Gus Van Sant's Pyscho remake, but close.

There really is not much she can do I guess. I can do even less. But I can show my support and boost the signal a bit more.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Next Project

I really enjoy all the atheists, skeptics and free thinkers on YouTube.

So I am working on a play list of some of my favorites and I am also working on another playlist of ones I want to share with my kids.

When I am done I will post them here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Criticisms of Anita Sarkeesian

I came across this video from the Amazing Atheist and I want to share it.
Warning: If you have never watched the AA be warned, his language is of the very colorful AngloSaxon variety.  That is the polite way of say he swears like a fucking sailor.

Here is the video.

I backed Sarkeesian early on because I felt what she was doing was "good work"  but since then I have had some issues with the product coming out.

1. Where are they?  Like TJ says at this rate it will be 2021 before she is done.

2. Shoddy Research.  A lot of her videos are shot to prove a pre determined conclusion.  Plus she relies on ancedotes and research that have been disproven (video games for example do not cause people to act out violently).

3. No comments on Videos?  I know she gets a lot idiots posting to her videos.  But some of us would like to engage in some real conversation and keeping the comments closed on her videos sends the message that she is not interested in actually having a discussion.

I am still happy I put some money towards this.  But as a Kickstarter backer I am disappointed about the product I am getting back.