Friday, September 11, 2015

Homo Naledi and the Dawn of Humanity

Lots of great new news coming out about the newly discovered Homo Naledi.

The is a new PBS Documentary about the Dawn of Humankind out on Sept. 16, but you can watch it now.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Next Project

I really enjoy all the atheists, skeptics and free thinkers on YouTube.

So I am working on a play list of some of my favorites and I am also working on another playlist of ones I want to share with my kids.

When I am done I will post them here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Criticisms of Anita Sarkeesian

I came across this video from the Amazing Atheist and I want to share it.
Warning: If you have never watched the AA be warned, his language is of the very colorful AngloSaxon variety.  That is the polite way of say he swears like a fucking sailor.

Here is the video.

I backed Sarkeesian early on because I felt what she was doing was "good work"  but since then I have had some issues with the product coming out.

1. Where are they?  Like TJ says at this rate it will be 2021 before she is done.

2. Shoddy Research.  A lot of her videos are shot to prove a pre determined conclusion.  Plus she relies on ancedotes and research that have been disproven (video games for example do not cause people to act out violently).

3. No comments on Videos?  I know she gets a lot idiots posting to her videos.  But some of us would like to engage in some real conversation and keeping the comments closed on her videos sends the message that she is not interested in actually having a discussion.

I am still happy I put some money towards this.  But as a Kickstarter backer I am disappointed about the product I am getting back.

Monday, April 6, 2015

New URL and other updates

Wow. I really suck at this.  Well, not really I guess. I do update my Other Side blog daily, but this little corner of my personal internet seems a bit more dusty.

Anyway I have updated the URL around here,

I have to think about the future of this place.

I will admit I don't read as many atheism blogs as I used too.  I think the future of atheism has to move beyond the internet and into "the real world".

I got a few more atheism books for Christmas, so once I get to those I might have more to say.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Home State Stupidity or How You Can Stop Megan Fox

I will make a confession. I actually enjoy living in Illinois.

We have a lot going on here and I have lived all over the state. Our museums are great and not just the ones in Chicago. Our politics are awful, but the people of state are engaged in them and we pay attention.  And then there is the food. I'll stack the culinary choices of Illinois against ANY state in the union.

But we have our own fair share of idiots.

Case in point Megan Fox.  Not the actress, but the home-schooling, anti-science and bully to the Orland Park Library (more on that later).

She gained some internet fame with her "audit" of the Field Museum this past month.
I will let you watch it for yourself.

Personally I am glad this video is out there. It shows just how stupid these creationists are.

But the story does not end there.
No. This idiot has been harassing the Orland Park Public Library to get them to change their Internet censoring policy.

You can read more details from fellow Illinoisan Hemant Metha, aka The Friendly Atheist.

I am including the link to his GoFundMe page for the Library. It is a good cause and a slap in the face of stupid people like Megan Fox.

So please, if you have a little extra cash, please consider this.