Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Home State Stupidity or How You Can Stop Megan Fox

I will make a confession. I actually enjoy living in Illinois.

We have a lot going on here and I have lived all over the state. Our museums are great and not just the ones in Chicago. Our politics are awful, but the people of state are engaged in them and we pay attention.  And then there is the food. I'll stack the culinary choices of Illinois against ANY state in the union.

But we have our own fair share of idiots.

Case in point Megan Fox.  Not the actress, but the home-schooling, anti-science and bully to the Orland Park Library (more on that later).

She gained some internet fame with her "audit" of the Field Museum this past month.
I will let you watch it for yourself.

Personally I am glad this video is out there. It shows just how stupid these creationists are.

But the story does not end there.
No. This idiot has been harassing the Orland Park Public Library to get them to change their Internet censoring policy.

You can read more details from fellow Illinoisan Hemant Metha, aka The Friendly Atheist.

I am including the link to his GoFundMe page for the Library. It is a good cause and a slap in the face of stupid people like Megan Fox.


So please, if you have a little extra cash, please consider this.

Monday, October 6, 2014

No Carrie Underwood. We don't care what you sing.

Wow. blowing off the dust and spiderwebs in here.

A couple of articles have been appearing on various conservative websites around the net this past weekend.  Now I know what they are trying to do here and it is certainly not what their readership thinks, but more on that later.

The headlines are typically of the sort "Atheists Bash Christian Singer For Her Faith" or "Atheists Protest Carrie Underwood's New Song" or "Carrie Underwood’s Brand New Song Is Making Atheists MAD AS HELL!"

I call bullshit.

Carrie Underwood can sing whatever she likes and wants. It’s a free country. In fact the song can make her millions and win a Grammy and I'll be ok with that.

For the record out of the couple hundred Atheism blogs and websites I follow I have not seen a single atheist say they have an issue with her or her song.  I have seen a lot say they have issue with how this is all being reported though.

As expected there is not a single atheist quoted, no sites listed or linked.

This is a manufactured "controversy" used to drum up sales of an album.

I couldn't care less about Carrie Underwood's album, what she sings or doesn't sing about.

I DO care about my group of people being falsely represented in the press*.

*I say "press" here but it appears these are nothing more than internet tabloids. Slightly more readership than a blog, but less than say "Cracked", a site that actually performs research.

Reading through the various comments on these sites and her FB page you would think it was some sort of alternate reality. They praise her for singing about her faith (fine, she can do that all week long and twice on Sunday if she wants) and being "brave".  Brave? Last time I checked 83-85% of this country identifies as Christian.  She is sing too, about and for the Majority of people in this country.
That isn't brave.  That's like singing a song about the health benefits of orange juice.
Want to be brave? Sing a song about atheism like Steve Martin did. We are only 6% of the population.

So no, atheists don't care what Carrie Underwood sings about. None are offended.
We don't care about  any of the other Christian or Gospel songs released every year.

We do care about how we viewed in the media.

Here is Snopes.
We live in an information age people.  The sum of human knowledge is at your fingertips.  Ignorance is a choice.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Noah's Ark

So according some reports as many 60% of Americans believe that the Noah Flood story is true.

I remember being in Sunday school and knowing this was bullshit.  But people still believe it.

What I have learned in these two videos? That God is a genocidal dick and most certainly not gay. No really.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Need to update this...

I have been taking most of my discussions of Atheism off-line and to Google+.

But I today I want to share this.

Here is TJ the Amazing Atheist on The Nine Most Annoying Things About Atheists.