Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why do Muslim's fear women so much?

Maybe I should say the Taliban.

But in any case the question remains.
Why do they fear women?

Read this article.

So a 14 year old girl speaks out about the Taliban and in retaliation her and her friends are shot.

Doe this sound like the reasonable reaction of a sane human being?
Does this come anywhere close to the discourse we should find acceptable?


These people are the lowest form of human life possible.

We have a Taliban here in America too.  They are the Christian right.  Whether they want to admit it or not they share more in common with these sub-humans than the decent people in this country.


  1. I am far from religious (and certainly not a Christian), my friend. However, comparing the Christian right to the Taliban is hyperbole. In your anger, you may wish to use another analogy.

    In addition, you desire the freedom of non-belief and I would never begrudge you that. Give the same whom are religious the same freedom you ask for.

    1. Actually the error I made was not quoting my sources.

      This is a very interesting book on how the Taliban and the Right use the same world view and principles.

      American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right

  2. Mr. Bates, I have to ask why you think it's necessary to suck up to American Christians who attack science education and brainwash innocent children. How are these god-soaked idiots any less insane than the Taliban?

    Freedom for people who mentally abuse children? They have that freedom but I will never tolerate it. Child abuse is wrong, didn't you know that?