Monday, November 12, 2012

Thunderf00t and Atheism Videos

I like watching Atheism videos on YouTube.

I know Thunderf00t was given a Klingon style discommendation over at FreeThought Blogs.
And maybe there were good reasons for that.  I am not here though to talk about those now.

I am here to talk about  his series "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists".

He still makes a lot of great points in the 38 video series.
I still think it worth watching.

Also somewhat shunned by the atheism-internet cognesti is The Amazing Atheist.   I will admit it, I like him too.  Yes he has also had his issues with others but sometimes I want to turn to the faithful and ask them "why are you such a fucking moron!!! Fuck! you are stupid!" but I don't do that here.  He does.  And he offends people along the way.

One of those people is Laci Green, though she talks more about sex now than atheism. I like her too.  I like her style of video.   Laci does not like the Amazing Atheist and he doesn't seem care one way or the other.

I also like Christina Rad, who I am just discovering.

Since they are all "Talking head" videos I can watch, or rather listen, to them at work.  I feel like I am learning something.  Have I learned anything?  Well. It seems there is an odd symbiotic relationship between vloggers.  They tend to watch each other, talk about each other and react to each other.    Even if I didn't know all the background drama you can tell that there is something going on just behind the scenes.  This is no different than it is with bloggers, except the emotions are a bit easier to read.

I also like that these vloggers are out there helping to spread the message of atheism and skepticism to wider audience.  

I don't always agree with them all on every point, but that is fine really.

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