Monday, June 4, 2012

Existential Crisis

I am having the only sort of existential crisis an atheist can have.

My library card expired.

I am a voracious reader.  Always have been.  I drove out of my way several miles this weekend while on errands to stop at two different used book stores.  I am on Amazon, B&N and DriveThruRPG every day.  Most days I buy something.

To have my library card expire and then WORSE, not be able to renew it because I didn't have proof of my address is just too much.

If I am not a reader then what am I???


  1. I understand your pain. If I lost my ability to write, I have no idea what I would be. Some things are too much a part of us to lose.

  2. Reading is a highly-focused instance of observation. Turning your notice toward this amazing universe we live in might help.

    For a little while, anyway.

    Good luck!