Monday, June 11, 2012

New Blogs

A couple of new blogs in my blog-roll today.

Zinnia Jones and Ashley Miller.
Both over at Free thought Blogs.

I knew of Zinnia Jones since we have a number of friends in common on Facebook.
Ashley Miller is new to me, but looking forward to seeing what she has to say.

Of course I can't help but think that all the cool kids are going over to FtB and I am stuck here in the ghetto of Blogger.   But I can't really complain.  In truth it is good to have atheist voices all over the internet.  It would be too easy to ignore all FtBs but out here in the hinterlands I can still do my thing.

Plus, and to be honest, I have never had the issues with Google or Blogger that others have had.  They let me do my thing and they leave me alone for the most part.

So stop by their new blogs and welcome them.