Monday, September 17, 2012

The Genre Blogfest

Alex J. Cavanaugh's The Genre Blogfest.

In this blogfest I need to talk about my favorite Genre of Movie, Book and Music.  Plus my guilty pleasure.

So here we go!

My favorite is still Horror.  I love all that scary stuff.

I would have to say Classic metal or even classic rock.  I still love to listen to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Dio.  My wife accuses me of living in the past, I prefer to think of it that my tastes are so refined that I know what I want.

Again, gotta say horror, but I enjoy the Modern Supernatural genre as well.  The ones where it's all teh same creatures as horror, but living in the world of today.  Things like The Dresden Files.  I do still enjoy fantasy.

Guilty Pleasure
This is a hard one.  I have so many!! Well, so many that others might call guilty, I don't feel any guilt in these.
But to narrow it down to one...well that can only be my love for really, really bad movies.  I am not talking your average B or C movie, I am talking about Z grade, unfit for human consumption.  Things they might have considered doing on MST3k, but were to bad.

What do you enjoy?
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  1. I enjoyed reading your list, but I have to admit, horror scares me!

  2. I'm not a horror person, but I can do classic metal in small doses.

  3. Hey, we share the same love for horror and classic rock. I like what you said about refined tastes. My fiance accuses me of the same sometimes, but I just don't find "Call Me Maybe" rock nor even worthy to be played.

  4. Here's to living the past! Classic Rock is forever :)

  5. I don't mind a horror movie now and then, but not all the time. Classic Rock is fine, but you should keep an open mind to new things, otherwise you get old before your time!

  6. Hey, Timothy! I'm still working my way through the list and I'm so glad I found the time to land on yours. First of all, there have been few so far that said anything good about horror, so I just had to give you a shout out for that! Then I noticed a Zeppelin, Sabbath and Dio mention to also get my excited. re you sure we're not married to the same woman? My wife tells me nearly the exact same thing!
    You have a great weekend!


    1. Not the same woman I am sure. ;)

      I am goign to run by your site as well. I have not had the chance to visit everyone yet.

      Thanks for the kinds words too! Horror is the best.

  7. Horror rocks! I am also quite fond of horror monsters being a part of every day life.

    My Genre Favorites & Guilty Pleasures