Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rape Culture

I am so angry at this I can't even put together a paragraph on it.  So I am info dumping.

Asshole High School football "stars" drug an rape a 15 year old girl.  They drag her from house to house to keep doing it.  Now the school officials, the police and the town are trying to cover it up in the name of All Mighty Fucking Football.

There is video of one of these assholes bragging about it.

KnightSec which is connected to Anonymous is on it.

PZ Myers is talking about it, but he is as disgusted as I am.
His site though will fill up with links.

A local crime blogger, Alexandria Goddard, is also talking about it.
She had been sued by the parents of one of those little assholes, but have since dropped the suit.  I guess they realized they are going to need the money.
CORRECTION:  The lawsuit was "Dismissed with Prejudice".

There is another site that is collecting stories and items as well.

Frankly someone needs to be on OHSAA about this and getting those oh-so-fucking-important Football trophies taken away from them.
Maybe contact their board of directors.

And the obligatory petition.  It's to the White House and has little chance of having the outcome they want, but more media on this can never hurt.


  1. This whole case is disgusting! No one should ever be able to get away with something like this no matter who they are.

  2. This is pretty outrageous. Our country places high values on some pretty bizarre things and puts some real jerks on pedestals.

    Tossing It Out