Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Banana Man

I don't ask for much really, but if you are going to argue for creationism please at least do your homework.  Failing that at least look it up on Wikipedia.  (Banana on Wikipedia).

Here is evangelist and creationist Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.  I believe combined they know less about science than most 2nd graders.

See this is exactly why I don't take creationism seriously.  Well, one of the many, many reasons, but let's talk about this one.

So Ray here holds up a banana as the perfect example god's design.  Except that the banana he is holding was designed by people.

This is the banana as it occurs naturally,

It's a near inedible, fibrous mass full of large, hard seeds.  If this was "designed by god as a perfect food" then god hates us.

The point here is this.
We live in a fascinating world full grand, and sometimes sublime, human achievements.

The modern banana is one those grand and sublime achievements.  Not made by a supernatural agent, but by humans over thousands of years of selective breeding, of trial and error, of science.  WE designed the perfect food for US.   And, here is the important part, all of this is documented.  We know it.

To look at, well any of our food, and assume it has always been like that is not just near-sighted folly, it's laziness and stupidity.

Why didn't Ray "Banana Man" Comfort just go look up banana?  Did he talk to anyone that grows them?  Did he talk to a biologist about where they come from?  Either he did or he didn't.  If didn't then that is laziness and points to a strong tendency just to accept the world as is and not question things.  If did and choose not to believe it, then that is just stupidity in the sight of overwhelming data.

That video is not "Atheist Nightmare", that video is pure comedy gold.  It should be called "Creationist Nightmare" because there is no way the creationist can honestly look at this and not be embarrassed by it.


  1. This is outstanding--in a weird, painful way. Thanks for sharing. I would be laughing harder at this stuff if it were not so incredibly sad and scary.

  2. It's sad when people blatantly ignore simple science in favor of their own belief systems. It's REALLY sad when they do it to promote their own.

  3. Yeah, as challenging as Christ's teachings are to follow (when you're serious about it), the most difficult part of being a Christian is the other Christians.