Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

Here are my first loves

First Album I loved: Thomas Dolby "The Golden Age of Wireless"

First Movie: Star Wars (I have no idea what "A New Hope" is...;) )

First Book: The Hobbit

First Person: Harder, I mean after all the first people you love are your family. So let's go with first person outside of your family. And that can only be...


Specifically, Yvonne Craig's Batgirl from the Adam West Batman TV series.
What's not to love?  She is smart and kicks ass.  Plus she rode a purple motor cycle before Prince was even born (ok, I might need to re-check that date but you get what I am trying to say. ETA: Ok he was 8-9 at the time.)


  1. Great choices! I love that you loved Batgirl!

  2. Thomas was a topnotch, intelligent music producer. "Wireless" is a great album. And that campy Batman TV show was all the rage when I was an early teen and I was firmly on that bandwagon.

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  3. Well Done! I love the photo and your love of Batgirl how fun!
    Stars Wars, yes, huge love of this epic series~ Great fun to read your list!

  4. I think I read The Hobbit first, but it was the Narnia books that really stuck with me.

  5. Ha- we have two of the same favorites. Sweet!

    I have to admit, I thought Adam West was the best Batman and his BatGirl was the shiz. Loved her and that show.

    Capital choices my friend!

  6. Excellent pick with Star Wars! Yes, the original, before Lucas started monkeying around with everything :) Great choice of book too, but I'm biased :)

  7. Oh, love Thomas Dolby. And yes, Batgirl!

  8. "...the first people you love are your family." Not necessarily ...

    Great choices, although I've never seen Star Wars.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Alex from A Heep of Everything

  9. The Hobbit is one title I expected to come across often. It's such a landmark book.

  10. You must have two blogs! That or I am seeing double...
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  11. Yay for The Hobbit! That was my choice too. I've seen it quite often today!

  12. Loved The Hobbit! So looking forward to Peter Jackson's take on it. :)

  13. Thomas Dolby has some excellent music. Something different no one else was doing. I wish he would have put out some more stuff.

  14. @Stephen he has been putting out stuff over the years, and great stuff too. He is just not very main stream. "Astronauts & Heretics" was also a favorite album of mine.

  15. Cool, I enjoy Tolkien books, although they came to me later in life :)

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