Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Blag Hag

In addition to talking about topics related to atheism I want to talk about the voices out there talking about these things.

For B that has to Blag Hag, AKA Jen McCreight.

Jen, and you can read more about her here, is one of the first atheism blogs I came across.  So she really shaped my earliest opinions on what an atheism blog should be.  From her it was an easy jump to P.Z. Myers, Greta Christina and Hemant Mehta (all of whom I'll talk about in future posts).

What I like about Jen is she is funny (one of her first posts I read was her field trip to the Creation Museum)  and yes, she doesn't seem to get that, but that is fine.  I get a kick out of her rants, mostly because I wish I had said the things she is saying first.  Her blog is sex friendly and she describes herself as a "pervy nerd".  What is not to like really?   But beyond all of that Jen has some really good things to say and she is really intelligent.

I like that she doesn't always see eye to eye with the Big Names in Atheism(TM). Elevator-gate for example.
So far I have not found myself disagreeing with her much, except for maybe a different point of view.

I have enjoyed reading her blog for the last year or so.  What she does isn't exactly what I have in mind for my own blog. but I am sure glad she out there!