Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Xtians

One of the big features in the Atheism movement is the wide variety of "X"s in it."ex-christians", "ex-jews", "ex-muslims", "ex-catholics" (they do ID themselves that way).

You know what I don't a lot of? Ex-Atheists.

Sure they are out there. But you never really hear bunch about them.  When one does happen it seems to be big news.  Sure there are far less Atheists than the faithful, but our numbers are growing.

I myself am not an X-christian.  I have never considered myself a christian in my life.  I have been a deist (breifly), an agnostic, but mostly I have been and remain an atheist.
In the 30+ years I have talked about this with people I have yet to hear a rational argument for belief.  And yes, I am well aware of Pascal's Wager.  Frankly if god can be fooled by a bit of mental 3-card Monte, then he is unworthy of worship.

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  1. You are challenging yourself with posting twice daily on the A to Z! WOW. I really need to send this blog to my sister in law. They were once jehova witnesses, now in some other cult church. They are so bizarre in their beliefs and intolerant of others, it truly amazes me how some people perceive what they do. They could do with some mind-opening to the universe and humanity around them.