Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Faith

What is faith?
Why do some have it and others do it?

Not faith in people, but faith in gods or religion.

If I say I believe that I have an invisible friend that looks out for me and I talk to, but you can hear or see then you have some options on what to do with me.  First, if I am preschooler then you are likely to laugh, and play along with me.  If I am an adult though you are looking to make sure I am current on all my meds.
That is until you add Faith into the mix.
If  have a deep faith in something, then I can make all sorts of claims.  I can say anything I like, believe it and expect you to believe it too.  Why? because I have faith in it.

Now. Does any of this make sense?

Why should a firmly held belief be given the same weight in this country as carefully reasoned scientific data or theories?

For faith I have been reading up on the Outsider Test For Faith, that is can you use the same scrutiny on your own faith as you would use on an outsider.  It is an interesting concept and one I think everyone should be this introspective.