Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for PZ Myers and Pharyngula

I am going to state this up front.  I like PZ Myers. I like that he is confrontational, I like that he tells it exactly as he sees it. I am glad he doesn't take shit from the religious right (even when he gets death threats - stay classy Christians), and I LOVE that the mascot of his blog is a Crocoduck.

That doesn't mean I always agree with what he is saying (but more times than not I do).
I read his blog, Pharyngula, every chance I get.

PZ Myers (and I always say "P Zed" since that is how I first heard him introduced by Richard Dawkins!) is a professor of biology at University of Minnesota Morris.  His area of study is evolutionary developmental biology.  He is also extremely critical of Intelligent Design, Creationism and the sites that promote them such as Answers in Genesis and the Discovery Institute.

Currently he is running a series of posts entitled "Why I am an Atheist" and it is great reading.
But I am not a big fan of the Friday Cephalopod. Actually I don't mind it, but cephalopods are weird.

I like knowing that PZ is around to say the things I would want to say myself, but don't have the audience or the background to say it.  He is a professor of biology after all. My background is Education and Stats.

PZ is certainly one of the more interesting, thoughtful and learned voices in modern atheism today.  I am looking forward to his new book coming out. (for just the crunchy Science bits)

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