Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Victory

V is an odd one for this blog.  Over at my other blog, the Other Side I have been talking about Victorian era games.  So I have an embarrassing of riches over there.

Here I started thinking about the battle/fight/whatever of atheism.  I see reports on atheist blogs about how our side is "winning" (damn Charlie Sheen has ruined that word) and I'll see the same on Christian blogs.

So I have to ask, what is "Winning" or more to the point how will either side know they have "won".

V is then is for Victory.

Victory for me personally would be to see an Atheist President elected to office.  Look how long it took us to get an African American President. We still don't have a woman president.  So, how long will it be before we get an Atheist one?

A really long time I am guessing.

I am not concerned with "stopping" Christians or Christianity or any other religion.   I don't expect them to end in my life time.  Nor would I want too since that is antithetical to what I would want for myself.  But I do want to get to a point where scientific discourse happens without having someone bringing up religion or belief.

What are the Victory conditions for the Atheist movement?
How do we know if we "won"?

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