Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Interesting

I had an "I" post for today, but I scraped it in favor of this one.
(BTW if you want to know, it was I for Inquiry as in Center for Inquiry.  Go on over to their site and learn more).

No today is now "I for Interesting".
Interesting as in how it is interesting behavior I am finding on some blogs here in the good old A to Z Challenge.

So I am visiting many of the blogs in the A to Z Challenge and I am leaving a link back to both of my blogs.
I try to say something insightful in my posts, and I assume others are as well, so I read their posts with the same  care.  I only leave feedback on about half the ones I read.  When I do I leave my link back.

I have been noticing that writers, horror folk and gamers will post my feedback rightaway and they will visit my blogs.  Not always both, but they do.

When I leave my link back on Christian or religious blogs, my feedback often (very often in fact) will languish in some "Waiting to be approved" queue. I know they have been seen by the blog author's since I can see they have visited my sites.  But yet there it is out there, where only myself and the blog owner can see it and no one else.

Are they afraid that their readers will come to my site and be "cured"?  What gives?

Now to be be fair, I really don't care.  It's their blog, they can do what they like.  I am not trying to change their  minds (which is also why I am not posting the links).

Now I WILL publish every post put to this blog.  in fact everything is on auto-approve anyway.
And unless your post is spammy or abusive I am also not going to delete it.

See I think the best way for someone to discover their own atheism is to read about atheism.  But the next best way is to read about religion.  The best way to stay religious then is just don;t read anything.


  1. Or only read the same things and only talk to people who agree with you. Which is surprisingly easy, despite this whole internet thing.

    Religion aside, I find this is true just in terms of being a writer. I circulate around writer blogs, I see a lot of the same people and the same ideas over and over again.

    I get bored with it, though. I guess a lot of people don't.

  2. The A-Z has been quite enlightening for me. Who knew there was a whole blog about how to care for your hamster? Certainly not me, since if I can help it, I will never own a hamster. And the pure amount of religious blogs are astounding. I follow many many blogs of people strong in their faith which is fine, but their blogs are about much more than that. But, suffice to say, if your title is "blogging for Jesus", I'm not stopping by.

    Different points of view are what make the world interesting. It challenges us to not settle into the way it's always been done. I am set in my beliefs and who I am as a person, so reading about other points of views or different ways of life is not threatening. Many can not say the same.

    As for the comment waiting approval thing though, I have found most put it on just to moderate spam. Especially when they take the verification off, it does help to screen out the spammers.

  3. Interesting post! I like different points of view- so I'm all ears!!


  4. Whether someone practices a religion or is an atheist, they should be reading about different beliefs and points-of-view. Let's create a global culture of tolerance and understanding...not, "My beliefs are better than yours." Besides, conversations with diverse viewpoints is much more stimulating!

    I enjoyed reading this post and will continue to return to this particular blog!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Mandy @ The Chockboard